The written word is spoken!

The visual and literal arts exist side by side at the "Saarländisches Künstlerhaus". Our yearly literary programme includes about 20 readings a year. Always good for a surprise, these readings come from well known to yet-to-be-discovered writers. Whether fictional, non-fictional or poetry there is a place for all forms of literature here. German speaking writers from Germany and the surrounding countries present their works.
Another aspect of our programme is the "Topicana" series. This is a series of books published by the Künstlerhaus twice a year in co-operation with the Writers Guild of Saarland. We also have a co-operative partnership with the literature department of the "Saarländischer Rundfunk" (State owned cultural radio station) and regulary present collaborative projects.

current readings:

Blankverse aus Wiepersorf
Mo. 8. Juli, 20 Uhr
In Zusammenarbeit mit dem VS Saar und SR2 KulturRadio


A selection of authors that have given readings:

  • Arnfrid Astel, Saarbrücken/Trier
  • Roger Bichelberger, Forbach (France)
  • Otto Böhmer, Frankfurt
  • Paulus Böhmer, Frankfurt
  • Michael Buselmeier, Heidelberg
  • Philippe Claudel, near Nancy (France)
  • Heinz Czechowski, Frankfurt on the Main
  • Sigrid Damm, Berlin
  • Felicitas Frischmuth, St. Wendel
  • Gerd Fuchs, Hamburg
  • Franzobel, Vienna (Austria)
  • Leo Gillessen, St. Vith (Belgium)
  • Alfred Gulden, Wallerfangen und München
  • Ludwig Harig, Sulzbach
  • Guy Helminger, Cologne
  • Nico Helminger, Esch sur Alzette (Luxembourg)
  • Oleg Jurjew, Frankfurt on the Main
  • Bruno Kartheuser, St.Vith (Belgium)
  • Wulf Kirsten, Weimar
  • Sibylle Knauss, Remseck
  • Peter Kurzeck, Uzès (France)
  • Erich Loest, Leipzig
  • Gert Loschutz, Berlin
  • Andreas Maier, Frankfurt on the Main
  • Roger Manderscheid, Luxemburg (Luxembourg)
  • Olga Martynova, Frankfurt on the Main
  • Sudabeh Mohafez, Stuttgart
  • Richard Pietraß, Berlin
  • Jochen Schimmang, Oldenburg
  • Michail Schischkin, Zurich (Switzerland)
  • Erasmus Schöfer, Cologne
  • Ralf Thenior, Dortmund
  • Henning Venske, Hamburg
  • Heinrich Vormweg, Cologne